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The mission of the Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association (CILA) is to promote justice and fairness in citizenship and immigration law.

In recent months, CILA has ramped up its activities in order to advance its mission. Notable CILA initiatives have included:

  • Compiling and disseminating a list of Canadian immigration lawyers that are able to offer pro bono assistance to those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine
  • Releasing over 50 articles from our members that contain ideas on how we can strengthen our immigration system
  • Introducing CILA Online, a virtual Canadian immigration community by immigration lawyers, for immigration lawyers
  • Operating an active Listserv where members share ideas and provide tips on how to serve the needs of our clients
  • Responding to media enquiries from major outlets such as CBC and the Toronto Star
  • Corresponding with senior officials from the Canadian government to provide CILA member feedback on how to improve the immigration system
  • Launching an Editorial Committee to provide oversight of the articles released on the CILA website
  • Releasing a weekly newsletter and growing our reach on Twitter to over 2,500 followers
  • Posting more content in French and releasing Quebec-specific articles

CILA has seen its membership grow significantly as a result of such efforts and invites you to become a member yourself before the end of our early bird deadline on March 31.

One of the major advantages of joining CILA by March 31 is the opportunity to become a Founding Member.

Anyone that is eligible to join CILA can become a Founding Member as long as you join CILA by our early bird deadline. This exciting membership option will not be available beyond March 31.

Founding Members benefit from the sharing of knowledge, access to information, legal research, thought leadership, subject matter expertise and support from colleagues across Canada. Founding members are permanently named on the CILA website and receive CILA logos for use on their firm or professional website and for use on their email signature block.

We already have over 100 Founding Members and hope you can join them.

Existing members have already been able to enjoy a plethora of benefits including:

  • An active Listserv
  • Mentorship
  • Information to improve their legal practice
  • Opportunities to share thought leadership by authoring articles on our website
  • CILA Online
  • Providing input for CILA to share with senior government officials
  • Networking opportunities

CILA has a lot of momentum and invites you to support our mission by joining our growing and exciting association by our early bird deadline of March 31!

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