CILA’s remarks to the Senate Working Group on Immigration


On January 27, CILA was invited to present before the Senate Working Group on Immigration.

This Senate Working Group is an informal group convened by Senator Ratna Omidvar and does not have committee status.

CILA was asked to speak about key issues currently impacting the immigration system and to provide legislative, policy, and operational recommendations to address ongoing challenges.

CILA’s presentation focused on six issues:

1) Backlogs and client experience

2) Essential workers

3) Family reunification

4) International students

5) Permanent resident cards

6) Business immigration

CILA invites you to read its presentation in English by clicking here.

The French version of the presentation is available here.

CILA would like to thank Senator Omidvar and the Senate Working Group on Immigration for the invitation and the opportunity to share its expertise. We look forward to continuing to dialogue with key stakeholders across the country in the shared pursuit of a stronger Canadian immigration system.

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