SABA Toronto welcomes new Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association (CILA)


The South Asian Bar Association of Toronto is pleased to announce and welcome the launch of the Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association (CILA).

CILA was established with a mission to promote justice and fairness in citizenship and immigration law and to advocate for improvements to immigration-related policies and departmental operations through public dialogue, submissions, coalition-building, court interventions and test litigation.

Among its key priorities, CILA strives to:

  • Advocate for marginalized newcomers who are often vulnerable and racialized;
  • Advocate for the protection and promotion of competent, ethical, and lawful representation;
  • Establish a charity division to solicit donations and fund research litigation on important matters to immigration lawyers and stakeholders;
  • Form exigent coalitions with other immigration, human rights, and refugee lawyer groups
    in Canada and abroad;
  • Leverage technology to catalogue, research, organize and mobilize immigration materials and resources for immigration lawyers;
  • Provide timely comment and action on breaking citizenship and immigration issues;
  • Raise and direct funds as needed for specific initiatives to the advantage of immigration lawyers and stakeholders, which will ultimately benefit future Canadians;
  • Strongly support pro bono initiatives.


As a peer organization of CILA, SABA Toronto supports the founding of this key organization and welcomes its actions to advocate for citizenship, refugee and immigration issues and professionals working in this domain in Canada. “We are pleased to support CILA and its leadership,” stated SABA President, Devin Persaud. “In these uncertain times, their mandate is needed now more than ever. SABA is proud to support those who advocate for the most vulnerable in our society.”

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