CILA features in Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s Top 10 immigration boutiques for 2024–25


On April 30, Canadian Lawyer Magazine published its list of Top 10 immigration boutiques for 2024-25.

CILA was interviewed by Canadian Lawyer Magazine for this story:

The winning firms know the value of collaboration and community engagement. They share their expertise and knowledge with the broader immigration community and bar and present and teach continuing legal education programs at organizations like the Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association (CILA).

“In Canadian Lawyer’s announcement of who’s who and who is succeeding, there’ll be a common thread that those people haven’t gotten there on their own,” adds Caruso, who is also CILA’s co-president. “Regardless of where you’re practising immigration law, to succeed, immigration lawyers need a community to bounce ideas off of to keep abreast of all the changes.”

“For smaller and more focused firms, they’re not going to be generalized in their practice; they’re going to be more specialized and focused on expertise in specific aspects,” Samuel Escobar, CILA’s communications and media vice president, tells Canadian Lawyer. “To be successful in immigration law, firms need to possess knowledge and fluidity.”

Congratulations to all the winners!


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