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Article Submission GUIDELINES

  • CILA’s mandate is to represent the voice of the immigration bar and our clients to advocate for a stronger Canadian immigration system. You are encouraged to write on any topic that falls within our mandate. Your article can relate to immigration law, policies, and operational issues. Visit our “Article” page for ideas on what we post.
  • We recommend a suggested article length of 800 words or less. Ensure your article is thoroughly proofread and free from spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Use straightforward and clear language. Avoid excessive use of adverbs and adjectives. When introducing an acronym, spell it out the first time.
  • Maintain a diplomatic tone in your writing. When expressing criticism, strive for balance and objectivity. If you identify challenges, offer recommendations for addressing them.
  • Support your arguments with evidence whenever possible. Embed references as hyperlinks within your articles. Do not use footnotes.
  • Ensure your main argument is evident within the first two paragraphs of the article.
    Include your name, title, and organization in the article. This information will be featured in the byline.
  • If your article has been repurposed or was originally published elsewhere, kindly indicate this and provide the reference to the initial publication.

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