The Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association (CILA) is an innovative and transformative association of immigration lawyers established to promote justice and fairness in citizenship and immigration law and to advocate for improvements to immigration-related policies and departmental operations through public dialogue, submissions, coalition-building, court interventions and test litigation. The Association will liaise with government departments and agencies, all levels of the judiciary, the Immigration and Refugee Board and immigration lawyer groups across Canada and abroad.

CILA will engage in fundraising to support research, advocacy and litigation on matters important to immigration lawyers and stakeholders.



CILA will forcefully advocate for the protection and promotion of competent, ethical, and lawful representation as well as for marginalized newcomers who are often vulnerable and racialized.

Inclusion, accommodation, and diversity will guide CILA and the support of a new generation of immigration lawyers will be a key objective. To this end, CILA will heavily leverage technology to catalogue, research, organize and mobilize immigration materials and resources for immigration lawyers.

CILA strongly encourages support for and participation in pro bono work and facilitates opportunities for members in this regard.


Your Voice

CILA will provide timely comment and action on breaking citizenship and immigration issues as well as form exigent coalitions with other immigration, human rights, and refugee lawyer groups in Canada and abroad.

CILA will collaborate and support the initiatives of other organizations focused on Canadian immigration law and policy.


Our Role

CILA will consist of a member-driven, multi-grouped organizational structure that will forego traditional lock-step positions in favour of more flexible mandates and volunteer experiences. The goal will be to fill gaps in deliverables on Canadian citizenship and immigration law, policy, and research.

CILA will have the independence to raise and direct funds as needed for specific initiatives to the advantage of immigration lawyers and stakeholders which will ultimately benefit the people we serve, future Canadians.


Why join CILA?

CILA’s purpose is to promote the rule of law, access to justice and the development of Canadian immigration law and policy through legal research, education, and related activities.

Our Mission is to advance the interests of Canadian immigration lawyers through collaboration, mentorship, knowledge sharing, advocacy, and dispute resolution.

CILA was created to offer immigration lawyers an organization that is focused on raising awareness and amplifying the voice of Canadian immigration lawyers.

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