A How-To Guide to Preparing Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications: Tips and Best Practices

CILA is excited to announce a how-to workshop on preparing Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications, presented by Ronalee Carey. Geared towards junior lawyers, this workshop will cover practical questions such as when to consider an expert opinion, how best to present the facts including immigration history, and how to structure fees for H&C cases. Handouts will include precedents as well as Ronalee’s own case law bank.

Attend this presentation to find out:

  • Who is eligible to make a H&C application?
  • Deciding between a refugee claim and a H&C
  • How much should I charge?
  • What should I say when the client asks the likelihood their application will be accepted?
  • Gathering supporting documents
    • How best to present facts, including the immigration history
    • Types of documents needed to support the H&C factors
    • Evidence IRCC likes to see, for example, no other programs can apply for, e.g. EE points too low
  • Legal submissions for H&Cs are not the same as FC Memorandum of Fact and Law
  • What to include in legal submissions
  • When to consider an expert opinion/When is an expert report advisable?
  • How important is it to show all other avenues for PR under IRPA have been exhausted?
  • When is a sworn affidavit or declaration advantageous?
  • How and when to supplement a pending H&C application
  • Asking for a TRP in the alternative
  • Updating an application
  • Processing steps after submission

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About Ronalee Carey

Ronalee has been practicing law in Ontario since 1998 and started focusing exclusively on immigration law in 2008. Immigration law has become her passion. She truly enjoys her work because she gets to help people land a dream job in Canada, reunite with family members, or even escape a potentially dangerous situation back home. Ronalee is an active volunteer in the community and has taken on a variety of leadership roles for non-profit organizations. She is currently part of a private refugee sponsorship group and has enjoyed being part of the lives of refugees as they settle into life in Canada.


Feb 29 2024


Eastern Time
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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