All Things Reciprocal: C-20 Work Permits, Sponsored by Visto

CILA is excited to announce our next workshop on All Things Reciprocal: C-20 Work Permits, presented by Kevin Zemp and Peter Rekai, on April 18, 2024. This event is sponsored by Visto!

Join two of the most respected business immigration lawyers in the Canadian Immigration Bar for an in-depth discussion of a variety of scenarios where C-20 might be applicable, the criteria and various interpretations by different decision makers (GSS, POE, IMWU and visa offices), strategies for when to deploy and typical evidence to submit.

Attend this workshop to find out:

  • a variety of scenarios where C-20 might be applicable (e.g., sports, entertainment, global company)
  • strategies for when to consider (e.g., in lieu of ICT when there is no role in Canada)
  • the criteria, including what amounts to a Global Mobility Policy, and does reciprocal mean “tit for tat”?
  • varying interpretations by different decision-makers (including the CPC Edmonton, Ports of Entry, the IMWU office and visa offices)
  • typical evidence to submit to demonstrate Canadians working abroad

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Visto is an immigration platform that helps Canadian immigration professionals prepare applications faster using AI and automation. Visto was co founded by Canadian immigration lawyer – and CILA member – Josh Schachnow, after he tried using other platforms and couldn’t find a solution that would automate all of the boring tasks his firm was doing; filling out forms, merging/compressing PDFs, drafting basic documents and more. To learn more check out their website at


Apr 18 2024


Eastern Time
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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