Canadian Immigration + AI: what is it and how you can better manage your practice in 2024

Join us for an exciting workshop about artificial intelligence (AI) to learn more about what AI is and how it is being used in the practice of law, presented by Josh Schachnow.

This presentation will explain various applications for AI in a law firm and specifically how immigration lawyers can make the most of AI in their immigration practices in 2024 and beyond. Josh will demonstrate with examples what AI is, the risks and benefits it poses in a law firm setting, specific types of use and tools to consider for improving your sales/marketing, operations, customer service, and more. We hope, by the end of the presentation, you won’t be afraid of AI but instead ready to embrace it, to assist you with everyday tasks, saving you time and money. The Q&A session will be included to help answer any questions you may have. The world of AI is moving fast and we don’t want CILA members to be left behind.

Registration is open to CILA members and eligible non-members (must meet membership eligibility requirements).

About Josh Schachnow

Josh Schachnow is a Toronto-based immigration lawyer. After spending 3+ years growing his own law firm and helping hundreds of immigrants and companies navigate Canadian immigration, he realized there was no technology to help make the process easy. That’s when he co-founded, a platform that uses automation and AI to help immigration professionals prep and file applications faster than ever.

This presentation will cover:

1) What is AI?

2) Benefits and risks of AI

3) How to take advantage of AI for:

  • Marketing/sales
  • Operations/application prep
  • Customer service/communication
  • Conclusion/Q&A

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Apr 25 2024


Eastern Time
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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