CILA testifies to Canadian Parliament’s Immigration Standing Committee on how to improve application processing

By CILA on juin 7, 2022

CILA presents to Parliament on proposed reforms to parents and grandparents Super Visa

By CILA on mai 31, 2022

The Municipal Nominee Program (MNP): Canada’s anticipated regional economic immigration program

By CILA on avril 25, 2022

CILA applauds IRCC’s efforts to accommodate more immigration applicants; offers further suggestions for improvement

By CILA on avril 22, 2022

Lettre de l’ACAI au ministre Fraser proposant qu’IRCC délivre des visas sans vignette aux Ukrainiens

By CILA on avril 7, 2022

CILA’s letter to Minister Fraser suggesting IRCC issue counterfoil-less visas to Ukrainians

By CILA on avril 6, 2022

18 things the Canadian government can do to increase the immigration system’s efficiency

By CILA on mars 21, 2022

Saskatchewan launches new immigration pathway for tech talent

By CILA on mars 16, 2022

Nouvelle initiative du gouvernement du Québec: Investissements et mesures afin de faciliter le recrutement d’infirmiers et d’infirmières à l’étranger

By CILA on mars 3, 2022

Alberta rebrands PNP and introduces new rural immigration streams

By CILA on mars 2, 2022