Announcement of CILA Officer Nominations for 2023 / Annonce des nominations des dirigeants de l’ACAI pour 2023

By CILA on mars 13, 2023

CILA’s Statement concerning the Government of Canada’s announcement that they are resuming the Collection of Biometrics for temporary residence applicants

By CILA on mars 6, 2023

The Best of Intentions, The Worst of Suspicions: Solutions for Canada’s Temporary Resident Regime

By CILA on mars 1, 2023

Canadian Study Permits: Room for Improvement

By CILA on février 27, 2023

Should Humanitarian and Compassionate Officers Check the NDPS?

By CILA on février 8, 2023

New Regulatory Amendments Result in Increased Protections for Temporary Foreign Workers and Headaches for Some Employers

By CILA on février 1, 2023

CILA Statement on Waiving Eligibility Criteria for Temporary Resident Visas

By CILA on janvier 25, 2023

CILA 2022 In Review: In Conversation with the CILA Steering Committee

By CILA on décembre 22, 2022

Refugee Cessation: The Year Since Galindo Camayo

By CILA on décembre 19, 2022

CBSA Announces Some NEXUS Centres are Reopening: Assessing the Pros and Cons of the Program

By CILA on décembre 12, 2022