CILA in the news again


Our organization has once again been recognized in the news for its insightful perspectives and proactive efforts. In a recent article published by The Hill Times, the spotlight was on CILA and its approach to addressing complex issues at the intersection of immigration, education, and housing.

The article titled “Culling bad actors capitalizing on tuition fees more effective than capping student visas in bid to fix housing crisis: immigration lawyer” delves into the nuanced discussions surrounding the housing crisis and its connection to international student visas. The piece explores an alternative approach proposed by CILA vice-president of government relations Betsy Kane, who suggests that rather than capping student visas, focusing on curbing unethical practices within the international student sector could be a more effective solution.

CILA’s involvement in this discourse underscores our commitment to fostering insightful dialogues and evidence-based discussions on immigration-related matters. We are honoured to be acknowledged as a valuable contributor to these conversations, highlighting the expertise of our members and their dedication to finding innovative solutions to complex challenges.

As CILA continues to advocate for informed and compassionate immigration policies, we are grateful for the opportunity to engage with various stakeholders and share our insights on pressing issues that impact our communities. We invite you to read the full article on The Hill Times website to gain a deeper understanding of the conversation and how CILA is playing a pivotal role in shaping the discourse.

Stay tuned for more updates and news from CILA. We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to driving positive change together.

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