CILA members present to Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration


Two members of CILA presented to the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (“CIMM”) on Thursday February 3rd.

Will Tao and Lou Janssen Dangzalan were invited as expert witnesses for CIMM’s study entitled “Recruitment and Acceptance Rates of Foreign Students”.

Will and Lou discussed study permit acceptance rates. In recent months, research by Will and Lou, as well as news reports have shed light on discrepancies in study permit acceptance rates by geographical region. For instance, research shows that study permit applications from francophone Africa have higher rates of refusal. This raises questions as to whether Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is employing discriminatory practices in the way it adjudicates certain applications.

Click here to watch video footage of the February 3rd hearing.

Click here to read Will’s written submission to CIMM.

Lou’s remarks are available in English and in French.

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