CILA’s Welcome Letter to IRCC’s New Deputy Minister, Dr. Harpreet S. Kochhar


Dear Dr. Kochhar,

The Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association (CILA) congratulates you on your new role as Deputy Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

CILA was founded in January 2021 to promote justice and fairness in Canadian immigration law. We share IRCC’s desire to support a managed immigration system that strengthens our economy, reunites families, provides humanitarian assistance, and strengthens our nation’s francophone character. CILA comprises some 500 immigration lawyers across Canada with vast expertise. Our members are well-equipped to provide your department with technocratic advice as part of your ongoing consultations.

For instance, CILA has suggestions about improving the client experience and enhancing various IRCC portals. CILA also continues to stress the importance of clients having access to legal counsel in all IRCC applications and matters as a means of supporting your department’s efforts to optimize the client experience.

In addition, we understand one of the commitments coming out of the Strategic Immigration Review is to examine the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to assess the need for legislative amendments or reform. We have exchanged dialogue with Ms. Christiane Fox on this important matter and have committed to providing IRCC with our feedback by early spring.

Dr. Kochhar, CILA looks forward to working with you to promote a stronger immigration system and we are available to support you and IRCC in any way we can.

We also welcome the opportunity to schedule a meeting with you at your nearest convenience to explore how we can advance our shared priorities.



Barbara Jo Caruso
Vance Langford

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