Top 5 reasons for law students to join the Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association


The Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association (CILA) launched in 2021 to promote a stronger immigration system. Our goal is to effectively represent the immigration bar by fostering an inclusive community comprised of seasoned immigration lawyers, new practitioners, and law students interested in practicing immigration law.

If you are currently studying law, CILA invites you to join our thriving community of over 500 members. 

Here are five great reasons to also become a CILA member:

#1: It’s Free!

CILA membership is completely free to law students. Inclusivity is a core part of CILA’s values and we do not want cost to be an obstacle for law students and new lawyers to join our organization. 

#2: Unlock Exclusive Job Opportunities

CILA consists of many Partners of small, medium-sized, and large immigration law firms who are always seeking legal talent. Job opportunities are posted on “The Voice,” CILA’s members-only email list. Being a CILA member provides you with access to amazing career opportunities.

#3: Expand Your Network

Forge meaningful connections with experienced and supportive professionals. CILA hosts in-person events across the country to bring our members together to both learn and mingle. Your student CILA membership will help you establish a supportive network that can shape your future legal endeavours and growth as a legal professional.

#4: Continuous Learning

CILA is committed to elevating the knowledge of our members. From insights on the latest developments in immigration law and policy, to practice management, being a CILA member exposes you to all sorts of educational opportunities. CILA also hosts virtual events regularly on exciting and important topics, such as the latest immigration case law and implications for the future, how to file strong immigration submissions to the Canadian government, the use of AI in the immigration system, and more. CILA also features other educational resources for our members, such as our exclusive Online Library, which contains documents, data, and discussions to help our members become even stronger immigration law practitioners.

#5: Become a Thought Leader

CILA offers a platform for your voice to be heard. Being a key voice in the Canadian immigration space, CILA regularly meets with government leaders and other allies in our shared pursuit of a stronger immigration system. We invite all members including law students to write articles that are featured on our website and shared widely, reaching our extensive social media audience of over 20,000 followers. Elevate your profile as a thought leader, paving the way for a successful career in immigration law.

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CILA’s success is fueled by its diverse and rapidly growing membership. As a law student, you play a pivotal role in our community. Seize the opportunity to shape your future by becoming a member today. Click here to embark on a journey of professional growth and unlock the myriad benefits of CILA membership.

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